My tell-all backstory

You may not know this about me, but … even though Limping Cinderella is my first blog, I’ve been writing for many, many years. 

And I just don’t go around telling every stranger I meet at Subway about this because I still don’t have all the copyrights secured, but it’s on my “to do” list, so BACK OFF, PLAGIARIZERS!!!!

(Sorry for that rare burst of emotion.)

Now back to me…

My first literary offering was the semi-apocalyptic tear-jerker, “Penny, the Dog who Cried.”  

Perhaps you’ve read it???  Or at least recognize the cover???

Ah, but most likely not, as my mother hoarded the original (and only) copy of it for many decades, unwilling to relinquish the dog-eared tome to the masses.



Did I mention that I also illustrated it?? In color?? 

Did I tell you that Penny was a lovely burnt sienna-colored mixed breed who sported a forest green collar?

Ironically, years later, I married a man called “Coach”,  who once owned a dog named Penny, but she was tragically poisoned for her incessant barking. Decades after her horrific death, the case remains under investigation by the good folks at PETA. Meanwhile, Penny’s killer runs amuck somewhere in the Great Northwest, free to continue his or her nefarious canine-killing spree. (These type of perpetrators always seem to hole up in the Northwest, don’t they?)

But Coach’s Penny was nothing like the Penny of MY story, since my pup rarely barked and only cried (softly), and yes, Coach shed many a tear at his own dear Penny’s passing.

Now Coach and I make our home in the mountains where we’ve raised our daughter, The Girl With the Curls, whom we mercifully did not name Penny. (Coach’s emotions are still quite raw…)

Oh, and we also live with the Big Black Dog, but that story must wait for another day.

So there. Now you know me at a much deeper level.

You’re welcome.






4 thoughts on “My tell-all backstory

    • It’s no easy feat to cry WHILE sticking your tongue out, believe me! But that’s the kind of amazing dog Penny was!


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